SMS organizes Lingo of Logic Sep06


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SMS organizes Lingo of Logic

On 6th September, SMS hosted a quiz-based event in E038 for freshman students. The event went by the name “Lingo of Logic.” It comprised of two sections. One was a combination of Arithmetics and Bingo, thus named “Arthingo” . While the other was a GRE-based quiz section, “The Logical Labyrinth” . In the first game, around 50 people participated, and four winners emerged. The first game went on for about 40 minutes. During the second half of the event, “The Logical Labyrinth” started. In this game, two teams of two members were plotted against each other. The team that gave the prompt yet correct answers to the GRE-based quiz won the competition. The game was played two times in total. In between the matches, our host also went around the hall and asked questions from the audience to ensure their active participation. Goodie bags were handed over to the winners by our President and Vice President The event was a success and ended with entertainment performances by FCCU students. The entertainment session went on for about 10 minutes. We finished it off with a Mili Nagma in honour of Defence Day!