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Philosophy Society

The Philosophy Society was launched in 2011, right after the Department of Philosophy was established in Forman Christian College. It is being run by a few dedicated Philosophy students who engage in very interesting philosophical events throughout the year. This year’s advisers and president are:

Advisor: Taimoor Farouk
President: Mehru Waqas

Miller’s Dream
Miller’s Dream is a recently-launched student philosophy journal, which has been named after the founder of the Philosophy Department, Dr Myron Miller. Please click here to view the copy of Millers Dream 2017

The society is famous for it’s philosophical reading club, Nitpickers. They take a hardcore philosophical text for a semester and get together to analyze the different concepts. Nitpickers has taken into consideration Plato’s Apology, Descartes’ Method of Doubt and Sartre’s The Condemned of Altona.

Chess Club
The society engages students in activities like the Chess Tournament. The names of the finalists of the tournament are put on a board in Armacost Building. Whoever wants to join the Chess Club has to challenge a member at the lower level of the pyramid and knock him out.

Movie Day
The Philosophy Society shows a philosophical movie once a month, which is followed by a profound discussion on some of the notions the movie revolves around. So far, Waking Life, Gattaca, The Matrix and a few others have been played.

Apart from the regulars the Society collaborates with other societies and arranges frequent lectures. This year they have had a lecture by Dr Arfa Syed and there are many more to come.

The Philosophy Society is a purely academic society and anyone is free to join in for events. All the events are open for all members and non-members. However, you need to be a Philosophy major if you are looking for an important office position in the society.

If you are looking for news on The Philosophy Society, make sure you are connected to our Facebook page:

If you plan to join the Nitpickers for reading philosophical text join: