Philosophy Society holds its first Baithak Sep24


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Philosophy Society holds its first Baithak

Baithak (A Discussion Group) is an initiative taken by the Philosophy Society to bring together students of FC College to philosophically analyze political, social, economical and other issues. The peculiarity of Baithak is that it stresses upon the logicality and validity of the arguments presented in the support of any topic. The discussion is held in the supervision of various faculty members. The discussion goes on as everybody expresses their opinions and thoughts on the topic.

The first Baithak session was on Applying Philosophy on Current Political Crisis of Pakistan. It lasted for an hour, in which many issues were discussed pertaining to current political turmoil within the country. Though we came to the conclusion that the government needs to tackle besets of the masses because governance means addressing their issues. The discussion commenced on philosophical analysis of politics, that what are the fundamental issues government needs to take care of while considering democracy as the best form of governance.

During discussion many questions were raised, such as who should rule the country? Should a leader be a Philosopher as per suggested by Plato? Interesting answers came on the vanguard of discussion.

Apart from that, Baithak also discussed military warfare in North Waziristan.And questions like applying violence to violent ideology: isit permissible or not? And if permissible who should decide when and how to and the extent of applying force?

The discussion entertained variety of questions such as “What is the best form of government?” and “If the people are corrupt, will democracy then be corrupt as well?” Different opinions came into the response of such questions and thus different matters were analyzed philosophically and logically.