Event Report: Resin Workshop Jan26


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Event Report: Resin Workshop

The Art Junction organized a ‘Resin Workshop’ on Monday 12th January, 2024 in S-008. The workshop was facilitated by experienced resin artists and instructors, Faryal Arshad and Muneeb Ur Rehman, who provided valuable insights, tips, and personalized guidance to participants. The facilitators ensured a supportive and encouraging environments for all attendees. Facilitators arrived in FCCU at around 1:30 pm. They were greeted warmly by The Art Junction members. The workshop attracted a diverse group of participants, including art enthusiasts, beginners, and individuals looking to expand their crafting skills. The participants ranged in age and artistic background, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. We received an overwhelming response in registrations, but we restricted the participants to 30. The workshop began with an overview of resin materials, safety guidelines, and an introduction to various resin art techniques. Participants were then guided through a series of hands-on activities. Then the participants were divided into groups. Each group consisted of 4 people. There was a total of 9 groups. Each group was given material needed to perform this Resin Activity. They were given mold, resin, colors, cups etc. The activity then started. The host guided each group with great enthusiasm. The participants indulged in the activity. After hour and a half, the participants completed the activity and prepared their resin art pieces. The resin almost needs two days to dry so we took the resin art pieces from the participants. After they got dried, we handed over all the pieces to respective participants on Monday. Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many highlighted the accessibility of the workshop for beginners, the clear instructions provided, and the opportunity to experiment with various resin techniques. Suggestions for future workshops included advanced resin casting techniques and more in-depth discussions on troubleshooting.