Philosophy Society organizes Students’ Philosophy Conference 2015 Apr24


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Philosophy Society organizes Students’ Philosophy Conference 2015


The Philosophy Society organized Students’ Philosophy Conference 2015. This is the only conference in Pakistan that was organized by students and provided a platform for fellow students to exchange their philosophical ideas. The primary purpose of the conference was to launch Miller’s Dream, the only students’ philosophy journal in Pakistan. The theme of the Philosophy Conference 15 was ‘Quest for Wisdom’.

The Philosophy Conference 15 consisted of 4 major sessions which were followed by an award distribution ceremony.

During the first session, students whose papers were accepted for publication in Miller’s Dream, presented their writings. The papers presented were written on Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Epistemology.

The next session was a talk by Assistant Professor at LUMS, Dr Basit Koshul. The topic for which was ‘On Religion and Science: From Ideology to Open Inquiry’. He presented a comprehensive lecture elaborating his stance on the topic.

The third session was a symposium on Karl Marx. Distinguished faculty members from different departments of FCC, talked about the works and ideas of Karl Marx in their respective fields. Dr Arfa Sayeda Zehra analyzed the influence of Karl Marx in Urdu Literature; Dr Mark J Boone presented Marx as a Philosopher; Mr Qalander Memon presented the works and ideas of Marx as a political scientist; Mr Shahid Rasheed explained the contributions of Marx to Sociology and Mr Luqman Saedd presented influences of Marx in economics.

The fourth session consisted of a Skype lecture by keynote speaker, Professor of Philosophy at Dallas Baptist University, Texas, Dr David Naugle. He talked about ‘Augustine’s Concept of Disordered Love and its Contemporary Application’. The session was followed by a detailed question and answer session.

An awards distribution ceremony was also held. Registrar at FCC, Dr Hamid Saeed, distributed awards among members of the Executive Council of the Philosophy Conference and paper presenters.

Philosophy Conference 15 got wide appreciation among philosophical and intellectual circles of Pakistan. Students who arranged the conference received encouraging remarks.