IntraMUN-FCC by MUN Society Jun02


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IntraMUN-FCC by MUN Society


IntraMUN-FCC was held by the MUN society from 29 to 30 May 2014.

Consisting of two committees, PNA and UNGA, the IntraMUN attracted a lot of newcomers and novices alike who were willing to polish their diplomacy and debating skills. UNGA was chaired by Shayan Shaukat, Moazzam Manj and Ommay Aiman Safi and while PNA was chaired by Muazzam Khan Lodhi, Waqar Karim and Aftab Bashir, the former tackling the issues of militia and terrorism.

The participants created much diplomatic heat and cacophony as they came to embody the country’s stance or the political personality. The event ran smoothly for both days, at the end of which the committees presented a resolution on the centric issue, and later rejoiced in a stellar performance by Forman Symphony Strings. In the closing ceremony, the winners for the IntraMUN were announced, with Aneeq Ali bagging the award for Best Delegate in UNGA and Muhammad Safi Aslam in PNA.

First in the IntraMUN series for this session, the event was a success and the society looks forward to organizing more events for practice and promulgation of skills in a competitive but flourishing environment, preparing students for conferences beyond FCC.