IAS & CLP hold vigil for tolerance Nov24


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IAS & CLP hold vigil for tolerance

IAS and the Christian Life Program organized a vigil for tolerance at the FCC Chapel on 17 November 2014. A ‘wall of tolerance’ was also arranged where students and faculty members of FCC gave their messages in the favor of tolerance.

Due to the recent incidents of religious intolerance in Pakistan, we felt it a need to speak against this and voice our stance. With this in mind, IAS aligned the International Day of Tolerance observed on 16 November with the national dilemma.

Dr James Tebbe, Rector FCC, also gave his message at the wall of tolerance and appreciated the effort of IAS.

Later that day, people gathered at the vigil to voice for a very relevant cause. Dr Robert Wetmore, Professor of Religious Studies at FCC, addressed the attendees of the vigil with some enlightening words on practicing tolerance in different walks of life. He referred to the Holy Bible and Jesus to make his points stand.

This was of a metaphoric significance of how students from different religions stood together at one religious place, listening to one religious book with such respect. A strong message of mutual respect and harmony was delivered through this gesture.