FDS hosts FCC Intra-Parliamentary Debates Jun19


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FDS hosts FCC Intra-Parliamentary Debates

The FCC Intra-Parliamentary Debates began on 3 June after an incredible amount of effort put in by the Forman Debating Society. It comprised of a gripping Master Round that took place on the second day of the event.

The motion for the Master Round was ‘This house believes that honesty is no more the best policy’. The round was presided over by Shayan Shaukat, General Secretary, and Adnan Warraich, Vice-President. The teams for the master round included:

  • Opening Government – Muhammad Adeel(FCC), Muazzam Khan Lodhi (PU)
  • Opening Opposition – Almas Sabeeh (GCU), Raza Gillani (Alumni GCU)
  • Closing Government – Uzair Khan, Ahsan Ali (FCC)
  • Closing Opposition – Muhammad Wasee (FAST), Noor Hayat Ranjha (FAST)

The adjudicators for the match were HamzaTarar, Muhammad Omer Imran, Hafeez Ur RehmanHadi, Tehreem Fatima, Momin Niazi, Bilal Fayyaz.

The level of public-speaking exercised was highly eloquent and fascinating, leaving everyone baffled. Both the sides excelled during the match and the judgment became very hard. The adjudicators were unable to make a decision. The audience was asked to decide through a poll and both sides were declared the winners. Nonetheless, it served its purpose of training the junior debaters, as well as presenting the audience with a highly entertaining round of debate.