FDC presents play, ‘Last Laugh’ Apr15


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FDC presents play, ‘Last Laugh’


The FCC Dramatic Club (FDC) presented its annual English play, ‘Last Laugh’ on 25 and 26 March 2015. It was directed by Khurram Nawaz Shiekh and written by Narmeen Ijaz. The cast of the play included Muhammad Abdullah as Yasir, Komal Dar as Mishal, Haider Mehdi as father, Ahmad Hassan as grandfather, Nadeem Fayyaz as Hashim, Rida Zaffar as Mahrukh, Ashbel Wilson as Hassan, Beenish Najeeb as Nihaal, Saqib Ali as servant and Abdul Basit. Anooshka Shehbaz and Rimsha Salman worked as make-up artists, Naveed Mehdi and Ahmad Shehzad Butt as technical directors, Moaaz Hamid as production manager, Ashbel Wilson as music director, Fatime Naqvia as set designer and Neha Edgar as choreographer.

The play touched a very pertinent issue which our youth has to face. The youth is always forced to make choices in their lives which their parents want for them. On the other hand they want to experience and feel the joys of their own decisions.

The story of the play revolved around Yasir who was passionate to pursue his career as stand-up comedian. But his family and even his friends were not convinced that his passion could become a source of income for him. More often regarded as clown and joker, nobody is to support him except for his sister Mishal. But the conflict starts when Mishal also gives up to the pressure of her father and asks Yasir to take his life seriously and choose another path for him. Disappointed and deserted, Yasir finds himself on the crossroad in his life.

FDC presented three different shows of the play which were attended by faculty members, staff and students. Usman Pirzada, renowned TV and theatre actor, TV director and anchor also attended one show. He appreciated the efforts of the students and also pledged to extend his help for the training and grooming of FCC students to present the next play.

In the last show Madeeha  Gohar, founding member of Ajoka Theater Group and Irfan Khoosat, famous TV artist, director and writer, also joined the event. They both applauded as well as indicated some mistakes. Both of them announced to help FDC with its next endeavor. Dr Waseem Anwar, FCC Dean of Humanities, also graced the event with his presence and thanked all the guests for their support. He also encouraged students for putting up a good English play and stressed the need to have formal theater classes at FCC.