Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum, started in 2006, is the society of the School of Management. It organizes social events, academic lectures, and also publishes an annual magazine and the biannual newsletter, Synergy.

The Forum has organized four clubs under its umbrella: and entrepreneurship club, a finance club, a marketing club, and a reading club. The clubs are organized by the students themselves.

A key element is the Guest Speaker Series. These sessions are critical for students. Guest speakers provide an immediate interface with the outside world. They are industry leaders and expert practitioners from varied sectors. They share their perspectives on the challenges they have faced and valuable insights gained, providing a rich learning experience for business students.

All MBA and BS (Hons) Business students are automatically members of the Leadership Forum.

Advisor: Asim William George asimgeorge@fccollege.edu.pk ; Mariam Khalid mariamkhalid@fccollege.edu.pk
President: Zulnoon Shabbir