LF organizes Executive Dinner Apr08


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LF organizes Executive Dinner

The Executive Dinner was hosted by Leadership Forum to celebrate not only the 10 years of the School of Management but the years we spent to make it what it is today.

This dinner provided our current students and faculty a chance to reconnect with old friends, colleagues and teachers to rekindle old memories as well as to spark new ones. This dinner served as a great opportunity for current business students to network with high end professionals who were once formanites as well.


Networking was not the only motive; students get a lot of motivation from executives who have had the same experiences and opportunities. It was a chance for those who have graduated to impart their wisdom to our current students.


As the night came to an end, the presenters of the night gave a special thank you speech which focused on the university administration, the faculty and of course the alumni. At the end of the day, it is the people that make organizations.