LF holds FCC’s Got Talent Apr06


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LF holds FCC’s Got Talent

One of the most recognized events of The Leadership Forum is FCC’s Got Talent which provides an opportunity to the students of Forman Christian College the opportunity to exhibit their talents and skills to the fullest. A student body like FC consists of students from different walks of life and different demographic locations. Talent comes in different forms and ways, therefore the Leadership Forum provides a platform where the students can reveal their hidden potential and talent, no matter how unique it may be.

Once again, Leadership forum brought this forum back. The stage was readied for another round of FCC’s Got Talent. It was bigger, better and full of even more extremely talented participants, all battling out for the incredible cash prize. This season also had a large number of students participating and the talent showcased was simply incredible.

There were a variety of acts shown by the participants, the passion, the talent and the dedication was mind blowing. From dance performances to singing, the participants won hearts of both the audience and the judges. The winner was rewarded for their incredible performance.