Ewing English Society

The Ewing English Club aims to create a forum where students can lead, learn and serve so that they can be transformed into ethical, informed and responsible citizens. The objectives of the club are:

  • Creating a forum for exchange of ideas, intellectual growth and interactive conversations.
  • Promoting literature, language (communication), poetry and writing through various channels of art, music, theatre and discussion forums.
  • Polishing organizational skills and leadership qualities through different events.
  • Knowledge building through interactive sessions (literary and non-literary).
  • Gaining national exposure through national trips.
  • Providing opportunities to meet with thinkers, performers, celebrities and speakers belonging to diverse (multidisciplinary) fields.
  • Inviting emerging and established speakers and scholars to share their work and research/projects in progress.
Advisor:  Jacqoline J Austin
President: Khadeeja Batool