EES sets up stall for Forman Experience Aug25


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EES sets up stall for Forman Experience

On Monday 31 July 2017, the first day of Forman Experience, Ewing English Society set up its stall in S-Octa to invite the freshmen to become a member of Ewing English Society and attend and take part in the activities piloted by the society throughout the academic year. The stall was decorated with literary memes and props (containing famous quotes and sayings of literary chefs-d’oeuvre) were also placed. The props were held by the students as they got themselves pictured. The famous work of Shakespeare: Hamlet; Entire Collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Complete Collection of Edgar Alan Poe were also displayed on the stall. Our President, Rija Batool and Vice President, Shafaq Javed along with the whole council guided the students about the functions of EES. Students were also told about the volunteer drive for Lahore Literary Festival which is held by Ewing English Society every year in February. Moreover, the council members told the freshmen the importance of promoting literature and how EES plays a vibrant role in endorsing the significance of literature through organizing various kinds of activities. Apart from this, free chocolates were also given to all those freshmen students who registered for EES as a sign of welcome from the Society.