EES presents Literature Meets Love Feb21


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EES presents Literature Meets Love

Keeping up with its evolved ideology, the Ewing English Society decided to welcome the Month of Love, February in a different manner. For this purpose, it organized an event on Tuesday 14 February 2017, Literature meets Love.

The event began with the society members and Formanites remembering the deceased in the tragic and saddening events, which had engulfed Lahore and Quetta the previous day, by observing a minute of silence.

In order to discuss the Literature in an elaborate manner, the event was divided into three segments. The first segment, focused on the Philosophy of Love. Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dr Mark J Boone elaborated on the philosophy of love, and the meaning of romanticism in metaphysics.

A music performance by FCCU’s own band: Amour Propre was arranged, Adil – lead singer kept the audience on their toes because of his melodious voice, he was facilitated by his equally talented band members:  Usama on bass, Ashbeel Wilson on guitar and Hussain on the drums. Their energetic performance was welcomed and applauded by the audience. The music aura brightened more when Umama and Zain entertained the audience through their magical music and melodious voice.

To further enhance the aura, a beautiful and well-rehearsed poem was dramatically presented by Hifsa Ahmed. In alignment with the dramatic reading, Professor of English, Dr Aleem Khan was invited to enlighten the audience about the ‘Literature of Love’.

In the end Chairperson and Assistant Professor of Psychology  had an interactive session on the ‘Psychology of Love’, he elaborated love from an ‘abstract’ and emotional perspective. His session cleared misconceptions and misinterpretations about the notion of love.

The event successfully wrapped-up with another musical performance by Muwahid and Zain. The event was equally enjoyed by students and staff. The Ewing English Society pays its sincere thanks to the advisor, Ms Jacquoline Austin, and the department of English for its encouragement and support.