Armacost Psychological Society

The Armacost Psychological Society was created in 2007 to increase awareness and modify the behavior and attitudes of people in a positive manner.

It has been working for the cause of spreading awareness about mentally challenged children, who frequently experience various forms of discrimination from society. People usually consider it a stigma to have a family member who is mentally challenged and feel uncomfortable talking about this to other people and even admitting that they are related to that person.

The Psychological Society creates awareness by holding symposiums, lectures and by arranging an entertainment event for underprivileged children on campus. It also works for people who are mentally distressed due to different reasons and holds a workshop on coping strategies for handling a trauma or tragedy.

The Society looks for membership among students who are interested in helping others, have empathy, are passionate about bringing about a positive change in society, want to be responsible persons and can genuinely serve with love.

Advisor: Nazia Asif
President: Abraham Mehboob Alam