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APS Organizes Psychology of Love

On 13 February 2019, Armacost Psychological Society (APS) organized Psychology of Love. “By Love serve one another” is the motto of FCCU and hence, this event explored the white canvas splashed with various colours of love. Our first speaker, Dr Iram Bokharey touched upon the psychological aspect of love and explored various kinds of love like unconditional love etc. Allama Tanveer Hussain Muhammadi explored the Islamic perspective of love, while Bishop Alexander Malik explored the Christian concept of love and enlightened us with the perspective of God as love. On this occasion, FCCU’s very own musical band also performed three heartfelt songs for us to make our hearts beat as one. Our final speaker, Jawad Ahmad discussed love in the context of society and the importance of kindness and changing the political system so as to allow for love to grow within the community. He also gave an amazing performance where the audience all sang in unison and cheered along. Along with understanding love, the occasion also fostered love between us and brought us all together.