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APS holds Second Open MIC

Under the compelling rubric, ‘The struggles of being a young adult, APS’s 2nd Open Mic turned out to be a triumph. A discussion initiated by addressing the conflict of generation gap encouraged an exchange of modern thought among our young audience. We tried to answer the question of ‘why is there a need for struggle to begin with’, soon enough realizing how a flux of divergent notions could threaten the control of one generation while liberating the other.

The purpose of this event is to accept people from versatile backgrounds and forming a community where they don’t feel ‘misunderstood’. It’s safe to say that that purpose was well- served today because some of our speakers were those who hadn’t spoken to a crowd before, and APS applauds their courage. Shy introverts, finding a comfortable atmosphere, eased into a profound discussion on what being a young adult means in these ever-evolving times. Having Youngblood primarily stirs up the forces of anxiety accompanied by an existential crisis. And it’s not a false alarm when youngsters say the phrase ‘existential crises’.

Our speakers braved the opportunity to share their experiences have taught them through the years. From here the Open mic became an interactive dialogue on the psychological influencers of anxiety. Together we attempted to decipher our state of mind better in relation to the myriad environmental stimuli. ‘Self-approval’, someone enunciated, is an integral part of internal conflict management. Since APS really advocates freedom of expression, a few talented individuals decided that displaying their vocal expertise would make our day rather buoyant! And so they did. Certainly, all of us left the room feeling appreciated for our uniqueness and differences. We left the room knowing how necessary it is to embrace our diversities.