Formanites Education Society

This Society was created in 2004. Its objectives are to:

  • help students to achieve excellence in thought and conduct
  • enable them to live all the core values of FCC i.e. integrity, excellence, respect for the dignity of each human being, discipline and accountability, fairness and justice, service, and community
  • help them to go beyond the limitations caused by ignorance, conformity, self-centeredness and irresponsibility
  • supervise them in organizing a variety of co-curricular activities for the overall development of students
  • provide opportunities to participate in activities that contribute to their learning and enjoyment
  • plan and conduct programs that enrich the learning experiences and provide opportunities for student leadership.

The Formanites Education Society organizes various activities such as lectures, workshops, movie/documentary shows, quiz competitions and trips.

All Formanites are invited to this world of learning and adventure where they can get opportunities to explore their abilities and polish their skills.

Advisor: Maida Ali
President: Raheel Akash