FES Organizes Cultural Fest Nov25


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FES Organizes Cultural Fest

Formanites Education Society organized Cultural Fest on 20 November 2019. This event was a few hours long and was held in Business and Social Sciences Building. Many students, staff and administration members and instructors came to take part in this mega event.

The event started by the arrival of the Unsung Heroes and the Living Legends. The spirit of the event was to appreciate the Unsung Heroes and Living Legends of FCCU on the same platform. There was a colorful welcome followed by presenting bouquet to the invited guests. The main guest of the event included Younas Masih, Yousaf Shakoor, Muhammad Yousaf, Nayyar Abbas and Rashid Hadayet as the Unsung Heroes, and Dr. Hoodbhoy, Dr. Wajahat, Mme Cheryl Burke, Dr. Christy Munir, Mr Anthony Richards and Dr. Arfa Syeda as the Living Legends of FCCU.  It was accompanied by FES’s protocol team guiding the epitomes of knowledge and wisdom towards E-025. It was followed by a welcome speech given by the President of Forman Education Society. It was a truly mesmerizing gathering as the guests from various occupations around the university talked about their experiences at FCCU and their love for the institution. There were two singing performances arranged in honor of the guests. Everyone sat glued to the show. The guests, students, faculty and staff members liked the event a lot. This event was organized to acknowledge the hard work of all these people while they are in service. Then the guests were presented with shields which were followed by a hi-tea.

Another aspect was to raise awareness among students to recognize and appreciate the services of the Unsung heroes i.e., gardeners, cleaners, waiter; mainly the ground working staff who are mostly left unrecognized by everyone in daily routine. The event uplifted the spirit of the Unsung heroes and gave a ray of awareness to everyone else for treating the living legends and the unsung heroes with equal utmost respect and love.

The event was received with great admiration by the staff, student body, instructors and the guests themselves.