Forman Sports Society

Generally, sports has been praised for its numerous benefits which include: bridging the cultural and ethnic divides, improving on health and fitness,  creating opportunities for employments and businesses to flourish, fostering teamwork and fair competition. The Sports Society here at FCCU is no different. From games like football and basketful to games like swimming and table tennis we have every sport you’d want to be a part of. The society makes sure that FCCU leaves a mark at every Sports event in Lahore. In order to ensure maximum and effective participation trails and practice sessions are held for every sport. Football matches take place between the teams of the university and with teams from other educational institutes. FCCU is not just dominating in the Pakistani sports circuit but is also going to go international very soon. We have matches of Rugby and swimming from time to time. Sports like Table Tennis and Hockey are not far behind also. This year we plan to make this society bigger and better. We are building towards a better organization of the society and with effective planning, better participation and more awards in years to come.

Advisor: Mr Shahzad Nazir
President: Mahnoor Anis