YEP organizes a 5-days training session ‘SEEKH (Skills Enhancing & Enabling Knowledge Harvest) Program Apr19


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YEP organizes a 5-days training session ‘SEEKH (Skills Enhancing & Enabling Knowledge Harvest) Program

YEP supports the development of personal and professional skills. Throughout the course of SEEKH, opportunities are available for graduating batch to develop a range of presentation and interactional skills, which are key to securing future employment.
SEEKH program offered extended opportunities for students from FCC and other universities including Punjab University, University Of Central Punjab to learn about the relevant industries and work practices. Students had lots of opportunities to develop skills and expertise in everyday work and business development. SEEKH was based on research training and helped in developing advanced specialist skills and knowledge, as well as broader transferable skills to equip students for a range of careers.

The focus of the workshops, events, and activities promoted by SEEKH responded to graduate students’ evolving needs as they progress through their graduate programs. This allows our graduates to develop skills that position them well to enter the career stream of their choice.

SEEKH aimed to diversify experience through professional development workshops in areas such as, professional communication, research and knowledge mobilization, technical skills/ digitalization, entrepreneurship and leadership, career management skills, professional emailing and networking, reflection and intrapersonal skills.
The SEEKH sessions continued for 5 days and each day targeted a particular discussion.

SEEKH DAY 1: SEO & Google, Excel and PowerPoint
SEEKH DAY 2: Social Media Marketing & Business Analysis
SEEKH DAY 3: Communication and HR Management
SEEKH DAY 4: Technical Skills/Personality Grooming/Networking
SEEKH DAY 5: Chinese Business in Pakistan in perspective of CPEC and its scope for graduating students

In each of these cases, the result was an immersive session that made an impact on participants, their engagement with presenters and their overall learning.

After the last session, certificates of participation were given to the attendees and volunteers by the honorable guests. Shields were also presented to the honorable guests and Dr Bushra Usman, society’s advisor received an honorable mention from Vice Rector, Joseph Sun.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup.