WES to hold Training workshop on providing Women Protection Services Nov18


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WES to hold Training workshop on providing Women Protection Services

The Women Empowerment Society is holding a Training workshop on providing Women Protection Services:

Why you should get this training:

  • Official Certificate by Dastak authenticating your training
  • The speakers are Nasir Mumtaz (Deputy Manager, Gender Empowerment Social Advocacy Kashf Foundation) and Sabahat Rizvi (Advocate High Court)
  • You will be provided with advocacy publications, which will entail all the basic concepts and Pakistani laws you should know about
  • Will help you in your professional career
  • Will help your community service record
  • Lunch
  • and most of all, the reason you should take this training is because you are a member of the Pakistani society.

Click here to register for the event

Please register yourself ASAP as we only have a few slots available.

This event will involve a 5-hour workshop divided in to two sections:

1. Gender Sensitization:

  • Identifying and analyzing socio-cultural norms/practices which lead to gender based discrimination and crimes in our society
  • Tracing the social and cultural factors that reinforce the phenomenon of Gender Based Violence (GBV)

2. Overview of Women Protection Laws of Pakistan:

  • Identifying Basic constitutional rights of women.
  • Salient features of the existing women protection laws of marriage, divorce and custody laws of Pakistan.

Join our fight to bring gender-based equality to Pakistan and help women and to give them the rights and respect they deserve.
We only have 35 seats available so apply as quickly as possible.

This event is entirely free to voting-members of WES FCC, however there is a nominal fee of Rs 300 for non-members of this society.