WES organizes WeCon ’16 Mar29


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WES organizes WeCon ’16

WES’ second edition of the annual Women Empowerment Conference was held on Tuesday 08 March 2016. As with last year, the aim was to give our students a chance to interact with the guest speakers on various issues plaguing women in our society. The guest speakers consisted of brave women who chose to share their personal stories and all they’ve done to empower and liberate women, while facing various obstacles to achieve what they’ve managed to so far. Every guest speaker took the mic and addressed the enthusiastic student body and faculty members present in the auditorium, after which the attendants were allowed to ask questions.

The guest list for this year’s speakers consisted of Nighat Dad, a lawyer and a woman’s activist, who spoke her heart out regarding the role of women in our patriarchal society. She vehemently championed the rights of women and for them to be seen as equal to men.

She was followed by Tanzila Khan, a motivational speaker who hasn’t let her disability get in the way of her dreams. She made her wheelchair her throne, and spoke of the challenges she faced throughout her life while remaining undeterred on her aspirations.  A lot of our female attendants were intrigued and asked various questions regarding the issues they were facing back at home, to which Tanzila replied unselfishly. She told everyone present to stop victimizing themselves and for them to start taking a stand for what they believed in, after which she received a thunderous applause.

This was followed by Zenith Irfan, Pakistan’s very own rebel, a motorcyclist enthusiast who took her passion to new heights and journeyed to the Northern areas of our country alone. A lot of the audience could relate to her experience of being cast a doubtful eye on by the society for doing something unconventional for a woman. She talked of the challenges thrown her way by life, the support she got from home, and how she was motivated to finally break free and do what she loves. She also shared her experiences on her journey and all the people she managed to meet and acquaint.

2 of FCC’s students entertained the audience with their guitar playing skills, and sung for them. Following this brief break, it was the turn of Zahida Kazmi to leave her mark on the audience. A female taxi driver faced with a barrage of challenges throughout her life, she spoke of her only desire to see her children make something of their lives. While doing so, she took an unprecedented step of becoming Pakistan’s first ever female taxi driver. Her heartbreaking story touched everyone’s heart.

Shehzadi Zamurad, Lecturer from FCC’s Political Science department, and FCC’s Chief Advancement Officer, Mrs Yvette Jones spoke at the conclusion of the event regarding women’s roles, and why they should stay firm in the face of challenges to follow their dreams. At the end of the event, shields were handed to all the members of WES who left no stone unturned in trying to make this event into a roaring success. The guest speakers were also given shields for their contribution, after which they were served with refreshments.