WES holds activities for Forman Experience Aug23


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WES holds activities for Forman Experience

This Forman Experience, we went out of our way to promulgate gender equality within FCCU’s new blood. Our stall was decorated with intricately created thoughtful nick nacks which represented feminism in their entirety. Feminist symbols as props were laid out to be used for pictures. Apart from our wonderful decorations, our stall also handed out pamphlets about feminism which covered the basics of gender equality and answered some of the most pressing questions about feminism.
We also had tons of games, the purpose of which was to attract as many freshmen as possible, and it worked! We had a cup game where the goal was to get a ping pong ball into the “Equality” cup while avoiding the ones labeled “Patriarchy”, “Misogyny” and “Mansplaining”. We also had a dart-board game for some lighthearted fun. The winner of these games received brownies and a whole lot of applause. Essentially, we got our message across and numerous freshmen signed up for our newsletter to get news and updates from the society.
On 03 August, we held a Murder-Mystery Scavenger Hunt extravaganza. This scavenger hunt was meant to do two things: (a) shed light on the issue of domestic violence and (b) give the freshmen a tour of the campus. We started off by staging a scenario in which an abusive husband murders his wife at a dinner party, and it is up to the guests to find their way out of his labyrinth in a series misadventures. Starting from E-025, the freshmen navigated their way through the entire campus by looking for clues and answering riddles. From D-Block to Hope Tower, we covered the entire campus.
The winning team received chocolates and shields, while all the participants received certificates of participation from the society. To end the long and laborious day, all participants were treated to some amazing biryani, samosas and shami kebabs from Masooma Ka Dastarkhwan and chocolate cake from Tiffin House, along with tea. According to the word on campus, the students who participated enjoyed this scavenger hunt immensely, even though it tested both their mental and physical faculty.