Tie Dye Day by SCS Oct19


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Tie Dye Day by SCS

Speers Chemical Society organized a Tie Dye Day in collaboration with International Affairs Society on Wednesday 14 October 2015.

It was a very engaging and interactive experience for students as they were seen soaking their hands into bowls of colorful dyes, trying to understand the chemistry behind stamping colorful patterns on the clothes we wear in our daily lives. Some students were seen struggling in dyeing their clothes and it was fun for participants as few students ended up giving colors that they didn’t anticipate at the time of applying dyes.

If you are planning to dye your clothes then note down the following few steps:

  • Do not remove the rubber band from the cloth unless it is sufficiently damp.
  • Cut the rubber band and spread the cloth for drying.
  • Once the cloth is fully dried, iron it completely.
  • Use light detergents and try to wash by hand.