‘This house believes that Philosophy is dead!’ Apr02


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‘This house believes that Philosophy is dead!’

The Philosophy Society organized a parliamentary debate in collaboration with the Forman Debating Society. The motion proposed by the house was: This House Believes that Philosophy is dead! The debate was presided over by Shahbaz Ahmed. The adjudicating panel consisted of Dr Ghazala Irfan and Dr Mark Boone from the Philosophy Department, Mrs Alvina Wasim the Advisor Forman Debating Society, Naima Farooq President Forman Debating Society and Hadeel Naeem President the Philosophy Society.

The speakers, from both sides, did great and brought very clever and substantial arguments. Moman Niazi, Prime Minister, laid a good foundation for the debate and it was carried along well by Aamna Mehmood as the leader of the opposition. Moman Niazi along with Muhammad Adeel and Sidra Bashir made the government. Aamna Mehmood, Ahsan Ali and Omer Imran put together a very strong opposition. The opposition was successful in refuting the motion of the day and the government had to settle for the fact that Philosophy still lives. Ahsan Ali, from the opposition, was announced best speaker of the debate.

The government made a valid point in pointing out how few students opt for Philosophy as a major and all those who do have other majors to fall back on. The opposition refuted the argument well enough and asked for a more valid argument that could prove Philosophy as dead. The debate could have been improved if the government had put a more clear definition of ‘dead.’

The audience participated well with profound POIs that the teams had to take for bonus points. Everyone had a great time and the debate somehow carried on even after the results were announced.