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The Triwizard Tournament

Saturday 19 January 2013 marks the day when The Triwizard Tournament was held in the muggle (non-wizards/ordinary people) Land of Forman Christian College. It was an event that assembled together some of the best Harry Potter experts in our City. In short, Forman Christian College was alive with dreamers and enthusiasts of the magical world created by J.K Rowling.

The Triwizard Tournament held at FCCU was organized in collaboration with The Philosophy Society & The Art Junction, and included delegates from NCA, Kinnaird College, LUMS, Fast, Beacon House Canal Side, Beacon House Johar Town, Beacon House ALGC, LGS 55 Main, Aitchison College, SIMs Medical College, LMDC, AIMC, King Edward, Silamat, ICAS, and  SICAS girls. The atmosphere of the event was nothing short of magical, Harry Potter soundtracks were being played in the background and all the teams were getting prepped up to take home the prize and the glory.  Needless to say, the competition was pretty tough and it was amazing to see such a diverse crowd at an event in FC.




The Tournament started off with the teams being shown around the University campus, once they were impressed with how everything looked, the tournament was initiated, and the teams drew out their wands in an epic battle that will be remembered throughout the history of FC college as the time when FC College was host to expert muggles of the Wizarding world.

The tournament had a total of 3 rounds; the first round was written and the teams had to collectively write down the answers to 30 questions in 15 minutes. This round had a number of teams that had the same scores and hence had to be sorted out with the help of tie breakers. The winners of round one were Alohomora, Expelliamus, Levicorpus, Difodio, Impervius, Nox and Lumos.

The second round had the teams facing the audience in the great hall (S-009), they were thrown questions and had to answer them then and there within 30 seconds, otherwise that question would be asked from another team. The winner of this round was Alohomora. 

The Third round began with the help of the Triwizard Cup, teams had to pick out a piece of paper that had the name of the Harry Potter book written from which they would be asked question from. This round was like a speed round; individual teams were asked questions and this round included penalties for every wrong answer. Alohomora from LUMS was the winner of this round and the winner of The Triwizard Tournament as well.


Issues of The Daily Prophet (FCC version) and (sadly we were unable to make the pictures move) was distributed to keep the audience and teams updated and entertained. It included information about prestigious Alumni members. There was one thing that made FC College proud; the Teams were fascinated to see the University Campus and they had a great time, they went home happy.


However, behind every successful event there is a very strong team that makes everything possible, the following students/alumni members were included in the management team for The Triwizard Tournament:

Headmasters: Hadeel Naeem and Shahbaz Ahmed

Ministry of Magic: Irteza Rehman (Minister of Magic), Shayan Ahmed, Karim Yousaf, Nabeel Hassan, Ali Mesum, Arslan Ahmed Zia.

Professors: Tooba Fatima, Taseer Hassan, Aamna Saleem, Aamna Nayyar, Rija Irfan, Ali Waziri, Mehwish Shafi, Aizaz Izzat, Zoha Khan, Abraham Murad, Hamza Qaiser, Zamran Pervaiz, Moid Mustafa, Sumaiya Abbas, Laraib Abdurrehman, Kanzxa Tahri, Fajr Hamid.

The Daily Prophet: Nabeel Hassan, Tooba Fatima, Rizwan Ahmed.

Aurors (Security): Ahmed Nasir, Khabeerul Tanveer, WajihAsghar, Adam Qureshi, Karar Mayo, Naveed Sattar and Abdul Nafay.