The Philosophy Society holds Chess Competition Nov22


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The Philosophy Society holds Chess Competition

The Philosophy Society arranged the first Chess Tournament of  FC College, on 20 November, 2012. A total of 15 matches were played to decide the best of player and they were played extremely well. Only a few, quiet spectators were allowed to watch the games. Dr Mark Boone of the Philosophy Department participated as well but he lost against Shahraiz Asif Mian. Shahraiz played excellently, defeating around 3 people to get to the semifinals against Hamza I. Butt.

On the other hand Karim Yousaf Meer and Raza made it to the semifinals too. Random pairing in the semifinal. The improved prove successful and the thinkers of the college would like to have something related to chess more often. The Philosophy Society is hoping to manage a weekly chess club so people can get together more often and play friendly matches for fun.s brought Karim against Raza and Hamza against Shahraiz. People pulled their chairs around the two matches and watched excitedly.

Hamza beat Shahraiz 20 minutes into the game. The other semifinal went on for long and ended in a stalemate. Raza made it to the final round with Hamza and the last match went on for about 45 minutes. The two players deserved their places in the final and luckily Hamza won the neat, big and fancy chessboard.  

The Society is having a chess tournament board with a pyramid of names. So all you need to do to enter the tournament is knockout someone at the base of that pyramid and make your way to the top by challenging someone from the upper level and replacing him by winning.