The Art Junction brings Karaoke to FCC Nov16


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The Art Junction brings Karaoke to FCC

Junkies, as they call themselves, got together this time to bring an entertaining Karaoke to the University. There were about 15 participants that were probably not the best singers but most of them won the crowd anyway. The crowd sang with the singers and clapped and danced. It was a perfect stress-breaker and a trip to the peppy symphonies of the musical world. 

Some participants brought excellent vocals to the stage with some old Pakistani songs. There were many people who came on stage as rapper’s and tried playing Eminem. Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars’ songs were again the most popular on the chart. But winning depended more on winning the crowd than singing flawlessly.

The winning team performed on a very recent and popular Pakistani Punjabi rap song which was popular among the crowd. Omer Imran, Rana Ehsan and Fawad Javed won the prize money with 64 votes and Hamza Butt and Hadia Akbar were declared the Runner’s Up.

The most amusing performance was by Usama Saeed and his team. They started with singing but found themselves jumping around Gangnam Style soon after. This had the whole crowd laughing and falling off their seats. The Gangnam Style performance was the highlight of the event.

The new presidency of Shahbaz Ahmed with his dynamic team has proved very promising for Art Junction.