Student Societies’ Elections 2013 Mar14


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Student Societies’ Elections 2013

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), always provides leadership opportunities to its students. Being a president of a society is a great way to gain leadership skills. In addition to establishing and running a society, society executives learn about budgeting, sponsorship, event management, publications, marketing etc. Involvement in a society might just be the thing that makes students stand out to a future employers or leaders.

We have made a process of electing presidents and we will be going through the same process this year for electing society presidents.  It is necessary for the societies to hold an election for the society’s presidents (2013-2014). The elected president will be responsible for the society activities from 1 July 2013 onwards. Meanwhile he/she will be participating in society activities and form an executive committee (office bearers) of the society who will plan activities and budget for the year 2013-2014.


Election policy, form and schedule 

Please click on the link below to find the election policy, form and schedule. Please read it carefully before applying. The nomination form should be filled by the nominee him/her self and submitted to Mr Kashif Sharoon, Director of Student Activities within due date. 

Election Policy and Forms 2013


Voting lists of societies 

Please click on the link below to find the voting lists for the student societies.

Voting Lists for Candidates 


For further info please contact:
Kashif Sharoon
Director of Student Activities
Room No 12 ASAB. Ext.355