SBS holds farewell for Bio Sciences’ graduating batch May13


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SBS holds farewell for Bio Sciences’ graduating batch


On 8 May 2015, the new SBS team for 2015-16 along with the current SBS team hosted a fun-filled farewell for the graduating batch of the Department of Biological Sciences. The event was attended by the graduating class, their juniors, and numerous faculty members from the department. Chairperson of the Department Dr Samina Mehnaz, Dr Mian Wajahat Hussain, Professor Emeritus Dr Rehan Siddique, Dr Saba Butt, Dr. Natasha Anwar and lastly the advisor of the society Dr Muhammad Irfan were all present on the occasion.

The event started off with recitations of the holy Quran and Bible, followed by speeches from the faculty members giving advice and wishing luck to the graduating batch. To liven things up, the incoming SBS team members had prepared a skit in which impersonations of faculty members were done. The skit hypothesized what teachers were like when they were students and was a particular crowd pleaser. Next, two videos were played which contained pictures of the graduating batch and Team SBS, along with messages from the teachers. These videos were compiled by Rabia Anjum and Fatima Amjad, with the help from the SBS Media Team 2015-16. A rousing game of throw ball was played where seniors were asked for confessions. The event was hosted by Muez Ahmed and Sameen Faruqi and just before dinner was served, they presented the 15-series students with titles selected by their peers.

Finally, after dinner the graduating batch was captivated with an innovative new concept known as sugar cubes. The sugar cubes were basically named empty envelopes waiting to be filled by experiences, memories and fun times that someone shared with the person whose name was on the envelope. At the end of the event the students took their envelopes home with them. Finally the graduating students danced the night away one last time to popular tunes that were being belted out by the DJ. Overall, the experience was a memorable one that will live in the memories of the graduating batch.