SBS holds cultural fiesta at ETLS Oct31


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SBS holds cultural fiesta at ETLS

The Department of Biological Sciences hosted an International Conference on Emerging Trends in Life Sciences for Sustainable Development from 9 to 11 October 2014, in cooperation with the ECO Science Foundation. This three-day conference was sponsored by the European Union, ICLS, Global Liberal Arts Alliance (USA), the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (Washington DC), Pakistan Academy of Sciences, COMSTECH and the HEC.

On the second day of the conference, the social event of the conference the Cultural Fiesta was organized by the Senior Biology Society to introduce the international delegates to the cultural diversity and rich heritage of Pakistan, as well as to negate the current socio-political stereotyping of the people of Pakistan.

The show started off with a video that showed the geographical beauty of Pakistan as well as the achievements of the people of Pakistan in the international arena. One of the highlights of the show was the moment when the show was stopped in the middle to announce that Malala Yusufzai had just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. After that, students in traditional attire walked down the ramp presenting the cultures of different areas of Pakistan. Some musical and dance performances were also a part of the show. Stalls with local handicrafts of each province were also set up.

The team of Senior Biology Society and their volunteers were actively involved in the smooth running of the whole conference. Their responsibilities ranged from registrations to the multimedia management, from transport to hospitality and to the logistics. The international delegates were very pleasantly surprised to see the student body of FCC so actively involved in making the conference a success. Prof Dr Anton Hartmann from Germany while leaving presented Team SBS and the volunteers with a token, acknowledging all the efforts they put into the conference. Team SBS is very proud to say that we are still receiving emails from both international and national guests appreciating the hard work put in by the Senior Biology Society, specially the project of BioDucation.

This conference provided Team SBS, with an opportunity to establish contacts at different national and international institutions, and paving the way for many collaborative events in the future.