SBS holds 4th episode of Bio لوگ Apr27


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SBS holds 4th episode of Bio لوگ


On 24 April 2015 for the fourth episode of Bio لوگ, Senior Biology Society (SBS) hosted a reformer and a true entrepreneur, with unparalleled vision and passion for science. Dr Kauser Abdulla Malik, the man behind biotechnology in Pakistan who has brought the culture of research to Forman Christian College.
Dr Malik is currently the Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Forman Christian College. With more than 40 years of teaching and research experience, he has over 250 publications and 5 patents under his belt. With a lifetime spent in the field, he definitely had a lot to share with the students regarding his various endeavors in life.
Dr Malik talked about his childhood, family, student life and professional career. He talked at length about his experience and answered questions in the Rapid Fire round.