RCYG organizes BLS training Aug26


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RCYG organizes BLS training

Emergency Services (A project of Red Crescent Youth Group) arranged BLS training in collaboration with Rescue 1122 arranged a two-day BLS (Basic Life Saving) training in collaboration with Rescue 1122 on 22 August.

The main focus was towards training hostel and lab staff. 18 people from hostel staff and 7 from the lab staff joined the training. Prof Daniel Yousaf, Dr Saqlain Abbas from Physics department and Prof Azeem Alphonce from English Department also joined the training.


46 people including students, were trained with a focus on CPR, FBAO, Trauma, Fracture, Firefighting and dressing. It was the third batch of BLS training while it was fourth time a training was conducted in collaboration with Rescue 1122 by RCYG. Rescue 1122 appreciated the efforts of Emergency Services of FCC.

Ms Shawna, Director Health Services also joined as a guest. M Shafiq the founder of Emergency Services, thanked everyone for joining the training and making their efforts successful. Humza Bin Masood, Chief Coordinator Emergency Services FCC, promised to arrange more training sessions in the future. He added that Emergency Services was able to deal with more than 50 emergencies in FCC in last year.

In Case of Medical, Fire or Disaster Emergency in FCC Dial 0336-733-5433 (0336-RED-LIFE).