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Psychological Society discusses ‘Moving On’

Call it love or curse, everyone carries a scar. The main theme of the symposium organized by the Armacost Psychological Society on Tuesday, 30 April 2013, was to throw light on how relationships end in breakups and how to move on to a healthier life after a relationship ends. The event was hosted by Aimy Safi and Shahjahan Raza and was initiated by the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Umar and the Holy Bible by Iris Yousaf.


A video was presented by Saba Sabir which documented the commonly held beliefs of people around the campus regarding breakups. Also, students from the Psychology department, Rabeeia, Anmol, and Ahsan, presented a short skit on the issue of breakups. The honorable guests, Ms. Mirrat Gull, a clinical psychologist at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, Dr Imran Sadiq, psychiatrist, and Dr Rukhsana Zia, Director, Centre of Learning and Teaching at FCC, were invited to share their views and expert opinions. Professor Suneel Samuel gave a small speech at the end which rightly summed up the opinions expressed throughout the whole symposium.

There were also a few musical performances by the students which kept the pace of the event going and the audience entertained. At the end there was a question and answer session with the guests which helped students their queries answered regarding the subject. As expected, a huge crowd turned up outside E-025 who waited patiently for the event to take place and the response from the students was overwhelming. The students felt a change in their approach about the issue after listening to the talks and found the whole event very helpful as well as entertaining.