Philosophy Society launches Student Philosophy Journal: Miller’s Dream Dec11


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Philosophy Society launches Student Philosophy Journal: Miller’s Dream

The long awaited student journal has finally been launched. The journal is named after the founder of the Philosophy Department, Dr Myron Miller, who also helped a great deal with the selection of articles for the journal. All the articles that are published in the journal are reviewed by Dr Myron Miller. The greatest contribution of Dr Miller to FC College is obviously Philosophy and no one can thank him enough for it.

For those who missed the ceremony, the link is right here. If you follow this link you will land onto our Philosophy Society website where the journal is present. Just expand it and read it.

Hadeel Naeem, the editor of the journal conducted a short launch ceremony at 2:00 pm on 10 December, 2012. She invited the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Humanities for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Dr Jim Tebbe honored the philosophers with his presence as the guest of honor. He cut the ribbon for the online journal to begin the launch ceremony. The ribbon cutting was followed by an interesting commentary from Dr Myron Miller, who joined the event through Skype. 

Dr Tebbe appreciated the effort and called it a big step forward in the Department of Humanities. He took back from the stage, his printed copy of the Miller’s Dream. Dr Douglas, Vice Rector, was invited to the stage next and he too emphasized the importance of Humanities. Dr Waseem Anwar, Dean of Humanities, talked about the wonderful job that had been done. Dr Ghazala talked about how funds were raised for the printing of the journal and that it all took a lot of hard work.  Dr Mark Boone shared his experiences of FC College and appreciated the philosophy spirit of the students.

Dr Miler joined us in the launch of Miller’s Dream from his living room via video chat. He shared how proud he is of his students and how he misses Pakistan. Students cheered and waved when they saw Dr Miller after such a long time and the short ceremony ended with a photograph of all the contributors with the faculty members.