Oath Taking Ceremony and Logo Launch of LES Oct22


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Oath Taking Ceremony and Logo Launch of LES

On 15 November 2017, all the council members of Lucas Economics Society along with the faculty from Economics Department gathered in E-201 to observe the launch of society’s new logo and profess the society’s oaths regarding the councils duties towards the society.

It initiated with recitation from Holy Quran followed by a few verses from Holy Bible and followed by a few words of wisdom from the Head of Department of Economics. The crux of which was demonstrated by a line shared by him which was that one should always be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. He also emphasized that everyone should fulfill their duties and carry out their roles for the smooth running of the society.

After that, Assistant Professor of Economics, Dr Ghulam Mustafa was called upon to read the oath out loud so the council members could repeat the oath after him.

After the council members had taken the oath and pledged to fulfill their respective duties the logo was revealed. And to celebrate the launch of the new logo a cake cutting ceremony was conducted.