MUN team wins Global Village and Diplomacy Awards at Aitchison College MUN 2012 Oct10


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MUN team wins Global Village and Diplomacy Awards at Aitchison College MUN 2012

FCC MUN society is a relatively a new society at FCC but has bloomed exponentially under the present Presidency; producing excellent Munners who bring back awards and uphold FCC’S name in institutes all over Pakistan and abroad.  Before the new academic year started, FCC MUN society booked itself for a roller coaster ride to Aitchison College Model United Nations (ACMUN) 2012 continuing from 6th-9th September.

The delegation comprised of nine students, Rija Irfan (President FCC MUN Society), Ahsan Ali (Vice-President FCC MUN Society), Hafeez-ur-Rehman Hadi (Secretary-General FCC MUN Society, Muazzam Manj, and Usama Nasim as well as newcomers to the society like Jahanzaib Awan, Fahad Mehmood, Farva Munir and Rabia Anjum. The delegates marched in high spirits to Aitchison College, celebrating its 125 years of glory with 450 delegates at this year’s ACMUN.

The committees were rather diverse this year, with schools, colleges and universities locally and across borders competing against each other. PNA, the Pakistan National Assembly, was assigned to Hafeez-ur-Rehman Hadi, who represented Shazain Bugti while DISEC, the largest committee by far with 70 delegates, was assigned to Rija Irfan and Ahsan Ali, representing Mexico and Brazil respectively. Succeeded by SPECPOL in terms of size, it was assigned to Fahad Mehmood who also represented Brazil. The two other newcomers, Farva Munir and Rabia Anjum, were placed in WHO and ICC respectively with the former representing Brazil and the latter playing the role of Judge Sylvia Steiner. UNSC, a committee of crises and action, was Usama Nasim’s to handle as Azerbaijan, Taliban Core was entrusted to Jehanzeb Awan as Ameer Khan Muattaqi while, finally, IAEA was for Moazzam Khan Manj’s to work with, being the delegate of Brazil.

Other than working strenuously to excel in the debates, FCC worked hard to present its talents at the social events. At the Global Village, the delegation represented Brazil and in vibrant colors of blue, yellow and green, brought Rio de Janeiro to life in Aitchison.  The crowd was bedazzled and entertained as the boys performed samba, the priest solicited ‘confessions’ and the stall resounded with chants of ‘Viva Las Brasilia’.

While the country stalls ranged from the cowboy culture ofAustralia, to the familiar enigma ofIndia, FCC’s managed to captivate all. Notwithstanding, on Talent Night, Rija Irfan showcased her lyrical voice and the delegation enjoyed QB’s concert.

The FCC delegation, after deliberation by three panels of judges, was voted as having the best stall in Global Village and was awarded a trophy. Additionally, Hafeez-ur-Rehman Hadi parliamentarian in Pakistan National Assembly, Rija Irfan as the delegate of Mexico in DISEC and Rabia Anjum as the Brazilian judge in the ICC were awarded with honorary mentions.

The delegates made new friends, some across borders and evolved from a delegation to a team. Quoting a delegate, “MUNs are the perfect forum for growth and opportunity–and our delegation plunged at both and pulled it off with a beaming smile.”