MUN Society holds introductory session for Intermediate students Nov06


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MUN Society holds introductory session for Intermediate students

The MUN FCC Society welcomed its new members from the Intermediate section on 17 September, 2012, by holding an Intermediate Introductory Session from 3.30 to 5.30 pm.

The session began with Usama Nasim, the Intermediate Coordinator, welcoming the attendees and entertaining their introductions. Usama Nasim also presented an informative presentation on the United Nations, its genesis and its structural organization, which even gave some of the office bearers of the society an insight into its foundations. Followed by him, Rija Irfan, the President of the society and Ahsan Ali, the Vice President of the society, took turns to shine light on the different facets of the experiences and skills of a MUNner—not to mention the more complex Rules of Procedure. They jointly cleared any misconceptions anyone had regarding the society or MUNs. Other experienced MUNners also pitched in their advice and tips for the new members.

Thereafter, the President and Vice President chaired a short mock session with Hafeez-ur-Rehman Hadi, General Secretary, acting as an ACD and other office bearers taking up the role of delegates. Each new member was also assigned a nation and was given a chance to participate in a mock MUN session centring on the topic of ‘Who should pay on the first date?’ It was challenging to maintain seriousness but the debate proceeded in an enjoyable fashion, with many new members standing out as skilled, powerful negotiators. The session ended with refreshments being served.

The session was a huge success as the new members seemed satisfied and energized by the prospects FCC MUN Society had to offer and the organizers of the event were equally elated at the job well done. It gave the new members a good idea about the procedure of MUNs and how they could participate in the society events and upcoming MUNs to bring positive life-size changes to themselves.

The MUN FCC Society looks forward to continuing its tradition of information and training sessions for both beginner and novice MUNners, to polish their skills and give them opportunities to excel in diplomatic and public speaking platforms.