MUN society holds an Interactive session LGS-JT Dec20


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MUN society holds an Interactive session LGS-JT

Team FORMUN visited the LGS JT campus. The team was welcomed by a group of enthusiastic students new to MUNing. Affaf Ahmed Sheikh along with his team including Aftab Azeem, Tayyab Mehboob and Waleed Hassan visited the campus. They presented  on the rule of procedure, UN organs and bodies.

The response from the new learners was positive and we could easily say that the session was a success. They conducted a mock session to show them how MUN goes. This simulation was very helpful for their learning.

The session was concluded with the brief introduction of FCC’s upcoming MUN conference, FORMUN’14. The people who attended the session were very excited about this event and they were looking forward to participating in FORMUN’14.