MUN Society FCC presents FCC Youth Hungama Oct31


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MUN Society FCC presents FCC Youth Hungama

FCC Youth Hungama- From a Freshman’s eye

By Mariam Sajid and Fizza Taqi Akbar

Being new to Forman Christian College and its eclectic environment, the apprehensions of attending our first FCC social event were at an all time high. Till the very last moment, even as we got stamped on our hands at the registrations, my friend and I were planning a backup strategy for an escape. However, any thoughts of leaving early or any misgivings we had about FC-MUN’s Youth Hangama left our minds as soon as we entered the auditorium.

The auditorium in S block had completely changed from its normal self, as huge banners and balloons hung from all sides of the room. There were boys hanging from the ladder tying streamers to people adjusting the sound system and photographers arranging their equipment. The stage was adorned with various types of instrument, from Tablas to violins. Pretty soon, students started pouring in and with the lights dimmed and the microphones in place, the event finally began. The event was a “musical talent show” in nature. It was arranged by the MUN society of FCC. The aim was to bring students from different institutions (schools and universities) to a platform for an interactive and friendly competition. The participating institutions were LGS JT, LACAS, FAST, PU, USA, FCC and BNU. The audience also had a diverse crowd from different institutes, and it wasn’t confined to Formanites only. All the participants were competing for one glorious accolade “Best Performing Act Award”.

For this event, we had various talented judges. Jamal Nasib and Masud Latif from Pakistan’s number one Electro House/ Hip hop Band, The Limitless were gracious enough to be part of our event. This band has come up with amazing songs like Make it tonight, Run away and Hit the party, so their success in the music society became an integral part to judging the best of all the competitors. Our very own Miss Alvina Wasim, the advisor of the FCC-MUN society was also part of the judging panel. The chief guest was our Vice Rector, Donald Douglas. While some of the faculty members like Sir Zeeshan Bhutta (The Business School Teacher) and Sir William Alfred (Administrative Personnel) were also part of the audience.

The evening offered a fusion of different music genres. Performances included a wide array of musical flavors, so nobody was left un-entertained by the end of the event. Performances included classical singing, English singing, Indian singing, Fusion with the Tablas and Guitar; Drums vs. Tablas face off.

This event had mesmerizing performances by the drummer of one of the highly renowned underground bands of Pakistan, “Moenjodaro”, the guitarists of the soundtrack of the renowned Pakistani movie ‘BOL’ Shahrukh Khan Sherwani and Asad Saeed. Every performance was unique and deserved praise. One couldn’t resist moving to the beats. People cheered, clapped and few even jived. All performers were highly talented. Singers had melodious voices and people who played instruments were flawless in their skills.  Instrumental performance with two guitars and a violin and Drums vs. Tablas face off were simply amazing. All vocalists made a great attempt and exhibited their skills beautifully in different genres.

The show started with a performance by the host institute, FCC. Ali Mumtaz entertained us with his classical singing. His voice molding with the song choice moved the audience, resulting in claps and cheers long after he left the stage.  After Ali Mumtaz came another FCC contestant, Mark. He not only wowed the audience with his fusion of English and Urdu songs but also entertained the crowd with his surprising drumming talent.

From other competing schools, we first had Mizfaar Nisar from LGS-JT who performed with an amazing Tabla player also from LGS-JT that garnered a lot of applause.

A duet performance from FCC’s Naima Farooq and Naveed Sattar on Pani Da Rang left the audience mesmerized. M. Arsalan Manzur from FAST impressed everyone in the auditorium with his singing talents mixed with playing the keyboard to perfection. He sang an English song Who Knew by Pink.

LGS JT had another performance, which was beyond amazing and completely stole the event by a mile. It was a Drum vs. Tablasface off.   The skill and energy was witnessed by a jaw drop in the spectators, where in the darkness of the hall all anyone could see were camera’s and phone’s recording this amazing performance. People were jumping out of their seats; some even started dancing to the amazing beats while the rest clapped joyously. This performance was much longer than its predecessors but even when it finally ended, the crowd yelled for an encore. The talented performers were Basit Khatana and Hashash Yusuf.

This energy-filled performance was followed by yet other amazing instrumental by FCC’S very own Shahrukh Khan Sherwani, Hamza Butt, and Zaryab Khan. It was a magnificent fusion of guitar, violin and Tablas. Hamza Butt is also one talented fellow who performs in Nescafe Basement. Hamza also sang Ali Azmat’s song, Maula beautifully. Furthermore, a mellifluous singing performance by Punjab University’s Sibtain Raza was admired by the crowd and their praise echoes as they applauded. Another melodious singing performance from a student of LACAS, Asad Saeed brought the entertaining and energy-filled performances to its end.

To conclude this joyous, thrill-packed evening, we had a special performance by Shahrukh Khan Sherwani, Zaryab and Asad Saeed. And a surprise dance performance a flash mob by the host institute which was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants and chief guest alike.

The judges and the chief guest stood on the stage to announce the winners of the “Best Performing Act”. In third place came one of the Best Performances of the night by Shahrukh Khan Sherwani, Hamza I. Butt and Zaryab Khan. Second position was won by classical singer by Ali Mumtaz and the award for the first position along with the trophy went to Basit Khatana and Hashash Yusuf from LGS JT for their amazingTablas vs. Drums face off.

After the winner’s announcement, everyone was treated with a pizza party during which all the guests, judges and audience members mingled and socialized. The event finally came to a successful end, where everyone went home buzzing with the amazing performances transpired earlier that night.