Mrs Sarah Zaman holds a talk on Eastern Classical Music Dec26


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Mrs Sarah Zaman holds a talk on Eastern Classical Music

The Forman Music Society, in collaboration with the Philosophy Society organized a lecture on Eastern Classical Music by Madam Sarah Zaman, who is a distinguished senior Professor of Musicology at the National College of Arts (NCA). She was accompanied by an NCA graduate Ali Zafar who plays the Sarangi and a “tabla” teacher. The event was attended by a large number of members from the music society.

Mrs Zaman shared her versatile experiences of studying eastern classical music with four different musical schools or “gharaanas”. She helped the audience visualize music in a totally different perspective; how musical frequencies and notes and intertwined with the movement of sound which impacts their psychological effect on the listeners. She also beautifully performed two classical songs alongside her stringed musical drone instrument called the “Taanpura” with tabla and Sarangi accompaniment. She also invited Hamza and Tanseer from the Forman Music Society to give her vocal accompaniment in these performances.