MFR Training by RCYG Jan10


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MFR Training by RCYG

The Red Crescent Youth Group (RCYG) at FCC arranged Medical First Respondent (MFR) Training in conjunction with Rescue 1122. 16 members of RCYG including the President of the society started their 15-day training in the winter break of the university. The trainees were given a total of 23 lessons which included precautions again infectious diseases, oxygen therapy, basic life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hemorrhage and shock, soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, skull, spinal and chest injuries, burns and environmental emergencies and poisoning. Medical emergencies included cardiovascular emergencies, abdominal distress, respiratory emergencies, seizures, diabetic emergencies, cardiovascular accidents. Students were also taught disaster management related to multiple causality accidents and triage. The training was a full course with written and practical examination.

The training was conducted by 9 Rescue 1122 instructors. These trainers were:

  • Dr Farhan, Administrator Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Dr Ali Imaam Syed, Assistant Director Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Dr Qasim, Emergency Officer/Medical Supervisor
  • Mr Mehboob Alam, Lead Instructor Nursing Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Mr Imran, Nursing Instructor Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Mr Sajid, Nursing Instructor Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Mr Muhammad Azim, Nursing Instructor of Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Mr Raza, Nursing Instructor of Rescue 1122 Academy
  • Mr Tariq, Nursing Instructor of Rescue 1122 Academy

Advisor RCYG, Dr Saba Butt, joined the closing ceremony along with Director General Rescue 1122, Dr Rizwan Naseer. Students gave a final group presentation. The ceremony ended with a note by Dr Rizwan. President RCYG, M Shafiq thanked the instructors and vowed to help people become Certified Medical First Respondents.


The training was a first step towards setting up an emergency service center on campus and future plans include training the faculty, staff and students. Volunteers can participate in the 15-day course resulting in Medical First Responder Certification, a 5-day course resulting in Emergency First Responder Certification or a 2-day most accessible course offering Basic First Aid Training.

Interested members of the faculty and staff can sign up for the training by sending an email to Students can sign up by contacting President RCYP, M Shafique (