LES takes trip to FPCCI, Lahore Nov04


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LES takes trip to FPCCI, Lahore

Lucas Economics Society organized a visit to the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Saturday 29October 2016. Students from various departments such as Political Science and Mass Communication joined the Economics students on the trip. The buses left from FCCU at 10:30 am in order to be on time for the lecture that was to start at precisely 11.

The learning process for the students started as soon as they reached FPCCI as despite their busy schedules, the members of the chamber had reached on time which was a lesson of punctuality for the students. The presentations then began and senior members of the chamber and other related institutions talked about fields such as ecology, development and the role of mass media in the economy of the country. The presentations were all very informative and helped the students understand that all fields are important for the growth of any nation. Students also learned about the multiple projects each of the departments was carrying out in their respective fields.

The chief guest of the event, Ex-Finance Minister, Dr Salman Shah then arrived and was greeted with utmost respect. After a formal introduction, he briefed the students of FCCU about CPEC as a “game-changer” project. The lecture gave the students an understanding of why Pakistan needs the project, what other competitors it has in the continent and how it is going to affect the economy. Dr Salman Shah also emphasized on why the project was being called a game-changer.

He was then followed by Malik Iftikhar, Vice President SAARC chamber who shared his inspiring story with the students of how he started off with nothing and progressed to being one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the world. He also encouraged students to come up with their own business plans and he would help them setup their work in all means possible.

Later, the students of FCCU had their group photos taken with the honorable guests. Media channels were also present to cover the event. The trip was a great experience for the students as they not only learnt about CPEC but also got inspiration from the experienced entrepreneurs and their stories.