LF & EWC hold FASE 2013 Nov30


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LF & EWC hold FASE 2013

The Earth Watch Club with the collaboration of The Leadership Forum organized the Forman Annual Social Entrepreneurship Practicum on 20 and 21 November 2013. The practicum focused on creating awareness among the youth of Pakistan, regarding the importance of social entrepreneurship. Students from various schools and universities like LSE, UCP, NGS,CHANDBAGH etc took part and showed their enthusiasm towards social entrepreneurship.

The event lasted two days. On the first day, famous social entrepreneurs of Pakistan shared their inspiring stories with the students and enriched them with their innovative business ideas which helped them in attaining success. The first guest speaker was Mr Iqbal M. Khan, a senior fellow Entrepreneurship at Lahore School of Economics. He is the member of Think Tank of the World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) and the founding President of a Forum on Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship Society. He is also the Author of “Unlocking the Potential of Small Enterprises”, “The Leading Social Entrepreneurs of Pakistn” and “Kazakhstan Business Guide”. The second guest speaker was Miss Ashba Kamran’s (Chief Executive- FRESH, Green Meadows School, Pakistan Association for Difficulties In Learning, FRESH Reading Clinic, FRESH SNF). Her role in Education sector has been quite prominent and she has been helping dropout students for the past 10 years. A mother of a dyslexic child, Ms Ashba has struggled hard and helped many parents and children cope up with the LD’s. The third guest speaker was Miss Zehra Ali who is the Founder and CEO of ‘Ghonsla’, an innovative technology company that provides sustainable and affordable insulation equipment to undeveloped markets in Pakistan and worldwide. Ghonsla has a global vision to increase the quality of life for people belonging to different fields of life, and to conserve precious environmental resources and create green jobs. The fourth guest speaker was Miss Ammara Farooq Malik who has almost fourteen years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, lawyer, law professor, development consultant and free lance journalist. Currently, she is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Online Resource Forum Impact SEPLAA. The last speaker was Mr Ali Raza Khan, the Founder of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan. After the speeches, the question-answer session started and students were given the opportunity to ask questions form these renowned social entrepreneurs. Afterwards, there was high-tea followed by a social mixture in which students discussed and shared their business ideas with the social entrepreneurs as well as with each other.


The second day of the event was divided into two modules. The first module was basically for students who wanted to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the business canvas model. The Business canvas model was explained by Mannan Amin, who is currently an associate professor at Forman Christian College. He is one of the co-founders of Tintash, a leading mobile game processing company in Pakistan. Mr Mannan is considered as an intellect in the game development industry of Pakistan and is also working with P@SHA and PSEB to start an annual game development conference for South Asia. After the lecture, the participants were told to work on their presentations. Facilitators were allocated to each team and they guided them in finalizing their presentations.

In the second module, the participants presented their presentations and were afterwards questioned by the judges regarding it. After the presentations were over, all participants proceeded to S- Octa to enjoy the musical night arranged by the Forman Music Society. One of the famous music bands of FCC, Three Musketeers, performed and thoroughly entertained the participants and guests. The Forman Photography Society captured the whole event through their cameras.


The results of the presentations were announced straight after the musical performances. The runner up trophy was given to the Punjab University and the winner team was National Grammar School.

The event was a huge success. The participating teams were full of praises for the Event and Forman Christian College itself. The judges and the entrepreneurs appreciated the combined efforts of the Earth Watch Club and The Leadership Forum.