LES Organizes a Seminar on Transformation from Campus to Corporate Dec06


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LES Organizes a Seminar on Transformation from Campus to Corporate

Members of Lucas Economics Society & Faculty Members of the Economics Department, FCCU had the immense pleasure of attending a seminar on “Transformation from Campus to Corporate” organized by FMC on the 21 November 2017.

The main speaker invited for this seminar was Roshaneh Zafar. Ms Zafar is the Founder and Managing Director of Kashf Foundation and established Kashf after she met with Dr Muhammad Yunas of the Grameen Bank.  Ms Zafar has a wide range of development experience; she started her career with the World Bank and then went on to set up Kashf Foundation. Ms Zafar has won many awards and recognitions for her contributions to the field of social entrepreneurship and women’s development.

Kashf Foundation is Pakistan’s first specialized microfinance institution which was created with the aim to alleviate poverty by providing a suite of high quality affordable financial and non-financial services to low income households, especially women, in order to build their capacity and enhance their economic role.

The seminar mainly focused around women empowerment in the working sector and factors affecting gender ratios in the market place. Different ways on how to improve the current working situation for women were also discussed. Some of them were such as the work environment provided to the women and the need for stereotypes to be broken. Wage gap was also discussed as one of the major issues. Roshaneh went ahead and shared an example of the encourage women to work after marriage by their program “Not without my mother in law”. In this program, they invite the in laws to the workplace so that they are familiar and comfortable with the working environment.

There were also interactive question and answer going through out the seminar. Everyone got a chance to share their experiences and point of views.

After the seminar was concluded all the guests were offered refreshments and were shown around the Management House.

It was a truly a thought broadening event and more such opportunities should be provided to the student body as they can greatly benefit from it.