LES holds session on Celebrating the Spirit of Studying Economics Feb25


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LES holds session on Celebrating the Spirit of Studying Economics

The Lucas Economics Society held a session on ‘Celebrating the spirit of studying Economics’ on 12 February 2014. The three-part session started with Distinguished Professor of Economics Dr Akmal Hussain talking about economic and global issues. The first one is inequality among people and its increasing gap he said. Secondly, he said that there was an assimilative capacity of nature which is reducing because the way humans are interacting with the ecosystem. This includes the way we produce products, consume and then dispose them off.

The second part of his discussion was about the role of economics in all these issues and the way economists have responded to it. Economic transaction is a subset of overall transactions going on in this world. Economics is changing and we are now studying human behavior in this field and its new set of tools so that it opens up a door towards social sciences. He ended his discussion by saying that we are living in an era of global changes and by studying them we’ll be a part of it

Associate Professor of Economics Dr Shabib Haider Syed talked the opportunities available to economists. He praised FCC’s liberal arts and said economics helps students learn problem solving skills. He added that FCC’s Career Services Office would help students find suitable jobs.

Professor of Economics Dr Roger Philip Martin summed up the lecture and he talked about the incentives of being an economist. He said that it is a subject which gives you pleasure while studying and helps you to understand the world.

Chairperson Economics Department Dr Babar Aziz ended the session by thanking the guest speakers and encouraging the Lucas Economics Society members to continue arranging more talks.