LES holds an Oath Taking Ceremony for the New Council Member Oct10


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LES holds an Oath Taking Ceremony for the New Council Member

Lucas Economics Society, held oath taking ceremony for the council of 2016-2017 on Wednesday 05 October 2016. Economics Department faculty and Ex-President of the society, Amjad Ali was also present on the event.

The event was fabled with teachers from economics department. Along with the presence of ex-president, Amjad Ali. The host of the event Filza Ahsan, who’s also the state secretariat, hosted the event with immaculate speaking skills. Her brilliant command on the language made her the perfect entrant for the post. The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and the Bible, done by Abdul Jabbar and Adeel Harrison, respectively. Associate Professor and Chairperson of Economics Department, Dr Shabib Haider presented a trophy to the former president of the society and appreciated his services for the society. Dr Haider congratulated the new formed council and thoroughly briefed them on the conduct and the responsibilities each member of the society have. After the speech of Dr Haider, the new president of the society took charge of the stage and spoke about the plans he have for the society. He called upon the stage every member of the society and introduced them with the audience.

The ceremony came to an end with the council members taking the oath conducted by Dr Shabib Haider. Refreshments  were served after the oath taking ceremony.