IES in collaboration with IAS Organizes Ted-Ed Student Talks Dec05


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IES in collaboration with IAS Organizes Ted-Ed Student Talks

TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. It is a media organization. Ted-Ed student talks support students in discovering, developing and sharing ideas. It aims to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world.  These talks are a brainchild of hours and hours of critical thinking. Before the final session, the participants worked on their scripts during 9 sessions. The entire timeline consisted of exploration, rehearsal and final showcase event. Intermediate English Society collaborated with the International Affairs Society to organize the Ted-Ed. The final session was repeated exclusively for the intermediate section. The event was organized with the intention to show the importance of education, thoughts and ideas of the student.

You can listen to these talks by clicking on the respective topic:

Death of Socrates’ was Shahwar’s talk title and how our education system is completely different from the time of Socrates. He focused on how we should make our children succeed through education.

Rana had the topic “Harsh Past vs Ecstatic Future”. His talk motivated listeners that a harsh past can be converted into a dream-worthy future just when we start enjoying every little beauty of the present and having an optimistic mindset.

Asad talked about an “An approach to peace”, highlighting the current situation of many disputed areas. He expressed his disturbed feelings about the disputed areas and urged the need to set an example that all those who stand against humanity, stand against them.

Bilal’s talk titled, “GreenEconomy for Sustainable Future,” highlighted the current climatic situations. He very intricately painted a bleak picture of the future and explained how we can solve the issue of climate change.

Nazar’s talk, “Breaking Norms” urged the listeners to question the world around them and seek answers as to why everything is as it is. He also stressed on the importance of a collective society and how it can create a better world.

Ali’s talk “Bridging the Empathy Gap”, talks about the differences in society and their solutions, Imran concludes his talk with a very powerful message empathize for a better world.